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Willbur is a Last Will and Testament specialist for South Africans. Willbur is here to help you protect your legacy on your terms. This is what you leave behind, so let's do it right. 

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How long does it take to get inheritance money?

Is Life Insurance part of a deceased person's estate?

What does "Estate of a Deceased Person" mean?

Do I have to pay taxes on the sale of my deceased parents' home?

How much can you inherit without paying taxes?

What is an Executorship?

Can a Last Will and Testament expire?

With Willbur, you're in safe hands. Get your Last Will and Testament drafted, collected and kept safe legally and quickly.

Dying is obviously not on your to-do list. But we are all mortal , so let's get real. Here's what can happen if you don't have a Last Will:

Note: Number 3 may rattle you a bit! 

Your estate will get distributed according to South African law and not your wishes. This means you have no say in who inherits what.

What will happen if you don't have a Will?

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Disclaimer: We work with a carefully selected panel of Will drafting providers and, once you have qualified and accepted our terms, we will introduce you to them to look after your final Will and legacy needs. Our service is 100% free to use and you are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes or product offers that you receive. The purchase of a Will and Final Testament is subject to terms, conditions and acceptance. 

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We aim to administer an Estate within 6-9 months. However the length of time depends on the complexity of the Estate. This in turn affects how long it takes to receive an inheritance. An Executor is required by regulation to submit a Liquidation & Distribution Account (L&D) to the Master of the High Court within 6 months of the date of the Letter of Executorship. Note, the total time to administer and Estate varies and could take years.

No, it is only part of an Estate if the policy is not left to the beneficiary. Often, people do not list everything they own in their Wills. 

Life Insurance policies are subject to estate taxes whether the death benefit passes to the estate or the beneficiary.

Legally, Estate refers to everything you own. This includes properties, bank accounts, etc. It's a relatively simple definition, but it can become a bit more complicated when someone dies. This is where we can help.

Yes. Taxes will be payable either as part of the Estate if you sell it before the Estate is finalised, or as Capital Gains tax on your individual profile if you sell it after you have inherited it.

Each individual receives a rebate of R3,5 million on Estate Duty.

Therefore when an Estate is administered the individual's Estate is exempt from paying Estate Duty on the first R3,5 million of taxable value.

The administration of deceased Estates is generally the process of winding up the affairs of the deceased individual and this process is governed by the Administration of Estates Act, 66 of 1965 (as amended).

These duties and processes need to be fulfilled by a person who is appointed by the Master of the High Court and is refereed to as the Executor of the Estate.

No. The only way a Last Will and Testament becomes invalidated is when you revoke all previous Wills, in your current Will. 

Did You Know: 

Nearly 75% of South Africans pass away without a valid or up-to-date Will in place!

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Your partner may be left with nothing if your Will hasn't been updated from your previous marriage, or if you aren't currently married to your partner.

Instead of your children receiving their inheritance, it could pass directly to the Government Guardian's Fund.

Ugly feuds can split families as your relatives and loved ones may fight over the distribution of your estate. 

Your estate could take years to wind up without a Will-nominated professional executor. The Government will be in control of the entire process.

A Solution For The Whole Family

We consider everything to make this as easy as possible for your family. Get all the legal, professional and insurance expertise you need under one roof. Wind up your estate quickly and efficiently, on your terms. No delays and burdensome processes.  

While many estates take years to be resolved, we see average turnaround times of between six to nine months. This is why we can offer lower premiums and higher benefits.

What's the real cost of dying? This is what you can save:

  • Exorbitant executor fees.
  • Conveyancing attorney fees.
  • Council & municipality fees.
  • Compulsory government gazette fees.
  • Testamentary trust fees.
  • Master of the high court fees.
  • Inheritance tax & estate duty.
  • Ongoing short term bills (medical aid, school fees, water & lights & car insurance) whilst the estate is being finalised.
  • Other immediate funeral expenses such as catering and travel. 

This is what you get:

  • Free Consultation. We come to you. A Will specialist will see you at your home or work at a time that suits you. 
  • Within 48 hours, our expert consultants will draft your Will and send it to you. 
  • Simple or complex Wills. We cater for every estate scenario. From testamentary trusts for your children to widow and provider (special needs) trusts.
  • Free drafting, updating and safekeeping of your Will. No courier charge when we collect your Will from you. 
  • Unlimited Updates.

What Do You Get For FREE?



Innovative Legacy Protection Plan 

With this plan, you can look out for your loved ones after you're gone. While your estate is being finalised, they will be able to buy food and pay bills. This plan covers all the legal fees and expenses associated with your passing from as little as R78.44 a month. Plus an immediate cash payout of up to R141 075 to your chosen beneficiary within 48 hours.

Not interested in Legacy Protection Plan? No stress. Willbur can still draft your Will for Free!

Willbur Thinks Of Everything! 

A Will is just one aspect of your estate administration. But there is more that you need to think about. Like all the fees your family needs to pay to the executor, conveyancing attorney, city council or municipality, compulsory Government Gazette announcements.

The list is long and expensive. Fortunately, Willbur looks out for your loved ones. We prepare your family for the scenario through a range of services specifically created to help them cope after you're gone. 



If you die without a Will you would lose 10% of your Estate to fees. 

If you and your spouse die together this would increase up to 40% of your Estate. 

What will be left over for your kids or the rest of your family and loved ones?


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Did You Know: 

Your Will is not valid if you have not signed it correctly and had it witnessed by two independent parties. An invalid Will is as bad as having no Will at all!

Did You Know: 

A witness to your Will cannot be a Beneficiary of your Will. This means that if your Spouse has witnessed your Will then it may be rejected by the courts as invalid.

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